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Continuing on a journey that began more than forty years ago, Platinum recording artist David Muse takes the next step on his musical voyage with David Muse & Tonal Alchemy. Showcasing David's extrodinary musical talent, as well as music from his time with Firefall and The Marshall Tucker Band, Tonal Alchemy mixes the best elements of rock, jazz, funk, and experimental music into a sound that reaches into your very soul and alters your perception of what music can be. David Muse & Tonal Alchemy is more than a band, it's a vibe that can turn lead into gold.


Firefall Revisited Update

David has been hard at work recording songs for his upcoming release Firefall Revisited. Basic tracks for all songs have been recorded and he is now starting on overdubs and working with featured musicians. Recording sessions are scheduled for studios in Nashville, Clearwater and Boulder over the coming weeks. Check back often for more updates and news on the project's progress. Information on pre-ordering your copy will also be available soon.

A little Sneak Peek
Curious about the cover artwork for Firefall Revisited? Check it out! (click for a larger image)

Kickstarter Project Shout Outs!

The following folks generously contributed to our Kickstarter campaign and David would like to offer a sincere "Thank You" for their support!

Jim RoarkClay BreazealeMolly Bush
CarrieScott Early Kim Feldmiller
MicoyGordie Bonnie-Jean Creais Lynn Faimalie
Dyann & Michael Woody Dennis Gilund Paul Jones
Thomas Bell Shannon Wilson Denise Tottle
Penny Lyons Raacke Marlene Spence Steve & Chandra Kendall
Jennifer Santmyer Bev Garrison Robert K. Clark
Robert Savittieri Charles Faucher Wendy Adams
Don Snover Rick Alter David Martin
Linda Sherman Larry Knight Rick Shelton
Chip Wright Carol & Danny McCool Cathy Berrian
Jan Selman Sylvia Fred Handy
Andy Pilkerton Sharon Shingleton Vera Ptak
Bill Harrill Steven Weinmeister Jill Mundt
Tony Rosario Bill Shaffer George Sakellaris
Priya John Davis Julie Stricker
Anne Wirth Laurie Bauer Dion Betsy Cruickshank
Christine Caldwell Howard Warshauer Randy Valentino
Cynthia Payne Mike McRoberts Laurie Shaw
Chrissie Scott Annjeannette Fox John Conway
Rogue Rage Duo Michele Lerner Carol E. Trent
Gary Breen Andy Verdi John & Judy Zimmerman
Doug Davison Gary Jones Sandy Ficca
Alan Tilles    

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